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When hiring a portrait photographer, you are investing in moments and memories. It is not simply a quick snapshot, but an overview of a specific time in your life. An intricate part of working with a professional artist is the art itself; after your session we don't want your beautiful photos to live on a hard drive in an infrequently visited drawer in your office. Therefore every session includes a design consultation for wall displays and custom designed albums as well as a beautiful handmade box filled with expertly printed 4x6 photographs. By doing this, we are securing that moment years down the road when you revisit that story and relive those moment.

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When you wake up every morning and come home from your day every evening, you should feel a depth of warmth and love what makes your life so precious and beautiful. Our collections of wall art are specifically designed to come alive with emotion; they transport you to that time you felt most connected with the most important things in your life.



Wedding photography is an art; an art that transcends through time and memories and emotions. Each carefully captured moment is meant to invigorate your mind and your heart as you look through a photograph and feel your world fall back into that day, that moment, that very second. That press of the shutter is the decisive and truthful moment that your photographer makes with awareness of its beauty and sentiment. Understanding the importance and awareness and art that goes behind each moment is something that brings you and your photographer together. That relationship plays a key role in the perfect documentation of your life's most precious moments. The investment you make for your wedding photography should not only result in beautiful tangible photographs but also trust and comfort during your special day.



Every single wedding we have photographed is different, so the first step in booking your wedding with us starts with a consultation with both the bride and the groom. Parents, sibling, and friends are absolutely welcome to join as well! The more we learn about everyone and every thing that is important in this already important day, the better we can capture and tell the story in a carefully designed and hand-crafted wedding album.

Weddings start at $350 per hour for two photographers



She Shines...

Is a collaborative photography experience created by artists Erika Schoof (of Little Blue Box Photography) and Keeley Kelch (of Keeley Loy Photography). They designed this experience to both inspire each participant to push beyond the boundaries of "societal beauty" and welcome a new and re-imagined connection with our bodies. Both photographers are successful business owners and have a decade-long portfolio of testimonials and beautiful imagery that speaks to their passion for photography. From fine art weddings to lifestyle and studio portraiture, both Keeley and Erika have flexed each creative muscle to create unique stills of incredible moments in life. This inclusive and prolific background, between the two, has proved to create the perfect equation for She Shines.

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Professional Portraits

Let’s chat about who you are and what’s important to you and your career! Whether you own your own business, or want to be sure your voice is heard in your company or in the job market, I will help you rediscover your “WHY” and represent your personal and business branding in a way that speaks to your audience.

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My passion for photography runs as deep as my passion for food. I come from a family of professional chefs and inspired home cooks. Photographing food is a creative way to bring both of my loves together!

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Email me at erikaletitia@gmail.com to inquire about having your pub or restaurant captured in a way that tells the story of your branding and your love of food.

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