The Carpenters

One of my favorite things about photographing families, is taking the time to learn how they are as individuals and as a single family unit. Using what I learn, I love designing albums for them to relive the fun we all have together.

For Laura, Dan, Maddie, and Owen, their story and their joy includes everyone! We all gathered at True Vine Farm in Strasburg, put on our warmest faces, and had the best time together!

Giancarlo's First Birthday!

I could not wait to photograph Giancarlo! As soon as his little chubby smile began showing up in my social media newsfeeds, I knew I needed this little man to model for me. He has the most infectious smile! I have known his dad for years and I'm not sure I've ever seen a child more twin-like than him. The moments we captured in the studio are definitely some of my new favorites!

Baby Rita

Shamefully, over a year has passed since my last blog post. I suppose that's what happens when you have a baby of your own. But I felt compelled to pick back up my momentum with this insanely adorable lifestyle newborn portrait session. Baby Rita was only a week old to the day for this session and she was such a wonderful little model. Her energetic brother kept me on my toes and I captured some candid portraits of him as well but Rita stole the show! With her beautiful head of hair and rare but infectious smile... who couldn't totally fall in love!

Ano and Mila's Beach Day

I am seriously so lucky to have such great models every year. Ano has been a little star for me for 4 years now! His wide eyed smile and calming personality make for the perfect subject. Now that his little sister Mila is older, she definitely stole the show this year. She learned how to model from her brother but her personality is booming with energy! I chased her around the beach, never letting my camera leave my eye. Every moment was worth a click. My luck with them was matched by the perfect weather and the most beautiful sky! Lucky lucky photographer...

New sisters - Zoelle and Colette!

I've been photographing Zoelle since she was just a tiny 4 month old baby. This year, just before her 5th birthday, her portrait session was shared with someone else! Her baby sister Colette, at 10 weeks old, had her first photoshoot with me and Zoelle was as excited as I was. She stood next to me doing everything in her power to coax a smile or giggle out of her baby sister. We had such a great time together as we always do! I can't wait for Zoelle's 6th birthday when Colette is running around! Hopefully Zoelle will help me catch her :)

Becca's Graduation

It's hard to believe that my peanut of a little sister is officially a high school graduate. It's even harder to put into words, the emotions this moment brings me. She is all grown up and on her way to West Chester to study music! Boy do I feel old now... But I couldn't be more proud of her. She has come such a long way to the short and shy little girl in elementary school. Now she is a (still short) bold, beautiful, confident and talented young woman carving through the path to her next adventure. I can't wait to see what you achieve!

David, Molly & Holly

I've known David for the past 17 years! I have watched him grow from just the small little brother of my best friend, to this amazing young man. As a recent graduate from West Chester University, he is planning a big move with his girlfriend and pup to Ohio for a great job opportunity. I was so honored he asked me to photograph them together before leaving. I am going to miss David and I wish he and his little family the best!

Liliana Rose

April 26, 2015 my beautiful cousin gave birth to baby #2, Liliana Rose! Unlike her first, we didn't know if she was having a boy or a girl so the phone call was filled with excitement and tears. She is beautiful and petite and Nicholas is already showing how amazing of a big brother he is going to be to her. I couldn't be happier for Lauren and her growing family!

Becca's Senior Prom

Since falling in love with photography, my main subjects were always my sisters. I have a fond memory of 2 particular images I captured of them on film. One of Rachel, now 23, when she was about 7. It was a close-up portrait with her hair in messy pigtail buns; her beautiful amber eyes were captured crystal-like in black and white. The other one was of Becca, now 18. She was about 2 years old. She has this cherub face, her lips so tiny yet plump and a button nose. Her hair was dark and full of baby curls. I had her hold a rose near her face and smile with her 2 cute little front baby teeth. She had on pajamas that were blue with yellow stars. I printed it and hand painted it and have never forgotten my love for that photo and that moment. Now she is 18 and stunning, graduating from high school and planning her college life at West Chester University to become a music teacher. How time flies...

Janie and Jack

17 families in 2 days! Is that a record somewhere? Probably not because Janie and Jack's all over the country host this amazing photographic opportunity a few times a year to their customers. I was one of the lucky photographers that had a mini studio set up to be the photographer for one of these events! In a small corner of the Janie and Jack in the King of Prussia mall, I was able to capture all of these adorable moments over 2 days. It was very hard to edit down for this blog post but that only means I had such great models! Maybe I will get the chance to do it again next time and see these adorable faces once more!

Baby Cutri

Today's the big day when Baby Cutri arrives! What a perfect day to share these amazing photos. We had such a wonderful time working in Baby C's nursery. Then we trekked our way to Manayunk for a beautiful studio session. I am so excited for Erin and Joe and I can't wait to meet Baby C!!!

Big brother to-be

From when he was just a tiny 6 month old, I have been photographing Nicholas. Now 3 years old, he is preparing to be a big brother! He loves his mom and dad and loves even more having all of the attention. But the more I talked to him, the more I hear how excited he is to take on the role of being a big brother. From checking his mommy's tummy to giving her a rose and a kiss because "mommy's beautiful"; Nicholas is ready to show his new baby brother or sister just how to win the hearts of everyone around.

Zoe Miller

I would never venture to call myself an expert in photographing newborns. But when you get to photograph the newborn baby of your friends, you know you can experiment and get creative. Zoe was awake for way more of the session than we anticipated but she was such a great sport. Especially when we surrounded her with flowers, or when we continuously attempted to have her balance her head on her cute little hands.  Hopefully she doesn't grow up to hate me since she is stuck with me as her photographer forever.

Ano and Mila

To say I have the best job in the world is an understatement. I have had the amazing pleasure of photographing Kristiano since he was just a tiny big eyed baby. He has been a photographer's gem of a model from then on. Three years later, my little guy is now a big brother! Mila, now a year old, has her brother's eyes and her very own personality. She is full of love and laughter and the sweetest smiles. It's incredible to say that part of my job is to document these two munchkins as they grow.

Dustin & Lynn

I managed to make it back to my favorite spot in Lansdale to photograph! One of these days, maybe I will own it since it's becoming a trademark for me. For this fun little portrait, I took my boyfriend's brother and his girlfriend on a mini tour of our stomping grounds. We went to the old Lansdale freight station and then to the ever improving Hancock Street Park where we found a beautiful holly bush and a golden wheat colored labyrinth. Despite the cold and bare winter weather, the colors were a perfectly muted backdrop for this casual portrait session